About the Company

PANTHA is one of the oldest and most experienced bindery companies on the Polish market. It operates within its current form from 1983 and is involved in delivering broad binding services to the printing industry. The experience of the personel and operating only with the modern high-speed and quality machinery ensures the quickest and high quality realization of the end product.

Right now we have in our offer the following bindery products and services.

Bindery services:

  • Spiral binding with Zip-wire spirals 
  • Metal straps poster binding 
  • Cutting of the edges, drilling the holes 
  • Cutting and gathering of the prints. 
  • Die cutting (creating blanking dies) 
  • Perforation of prints and pads 
  • Small dots perforation 
  • Creating of the tools with cutting elements on it from the metals and polymers for the purpose of the marketing materials.


  • Straps for binding of calendars and posters 
  • Window frames and transparent straps for the 3-month calendars 
  • Wobblers 
  • Aluminium Twinstick 
  • Zipwire (ring-wire) spirals 
  • Metal hangers for the wall calendars


Currently in our technological park we have in use thefollowing machines:

  • Automatic and half-automatic PERFORATORS KUGLER 
  • Automatic and half-automatic machines for the production of the straps 
  • Clampers for the spirals and straps (mechanical and pneumatical) 
  • Pneumatic 2-header angle cutter 
  • Half-automatic machines for the spiral binding R-500 RILLECART 
  • Gatherers for the pages TMF WARIOMAT and LACONDA-MILLER 
  • 4-header paper driller 
  • Off-centre presses (3-16 tons of the pressure) 
  • Guillotines for the cutting paper and steel