Equipment / for sale

Proper and fast servicing to our customers are provided by well-equipped technological park.

  • Automatic and half-automatic PERFORATORS KUGLER
  • Automatic and half-automatic machines for the production of the straps 
  • Clampers for the spirals and straps (mechanical and pneumatical)
  • Pneumatic 2-header angle cutter
  • Half-automatic machines for the spiral binding R-500 RILLECART
  • Gatherers for the pages TMF WARIOMAT and LACONDA-MILLER
  • 4-header paper driller
  • Off-centre presses (3-16 tons of the pressure)
  • Guillotines for the cutting paper and steel

We also manufacture and sell reasonable and efficient binding machinery. Presently we have in our offer the following machines dedicated for sale:

If You require any other information concerning various types in our offer please contact us on the following E-mail address: or telephone number (22) 846 36 46.